The Original Nipple Seal

The baby bottle Nipple Seal was created to stop bottles from leaking in our diaper bags, purses, trollers, and cars. This product will stop you from reaching into soaked bags that smell like sour milk. Diaper bags and purses are expensive, difficult to clean, and can be ruined if liquids are spilled in them. Using this product will make traveling with bottles easier than ever. We have successfully tested the seal on nearly every bottle on the market with great success.*  The Nipple Seal slides over the nipple and pinches off the flow. It is that simple; it creates a seal that stops the liquid from flowing out. Bottles companies claim they have no drip nipples, yet every brand we tried still leaked. The Nipple Sealis the answer to this problem.

* Playtex (all styles), Avent, Adiri, Nuk, Gerber, First Years, Dr. Browns, Podee, Breastflow, Nuby,  Soothie, Evenflow, First Years, Medela, ThinkBaby, Green to Go, Born Free, Classic Pooh, Naturalsutten, Mam, Greensput, Coddletime, Silikids

Bridger Baby™, LLC  - Nipple Seal - Patent Pending