About Us

One of the ongoing jobs of parenting is minimizing messes our children create.

We are a mother and father of two beautiful baby girls born 11 months apart. Needless to say, we have spent the past 20 months buying and searching for the ‘perfect’ products for our children.

One consistent problem for us was traveling with bottles. No matter how hard we tried, milk, juice, or any other liquids would constantly leak in our bags, cars or on the plane. Bottle lids rarely stop liquids from leaking out of the nipple when the bottle tips over.  After ruining countless diaper bags and the carpet in our new ‘family’ car we decided to solve the problem. Like the old story of the inventor making something in the basement, that is just what we did. Using a few tools and chunks of plastic, we designed a prototype in the basement and then took it to production.

It’s simple, and it works really well!  

The Nipple Sealslides over the nipple (of any brand of bottle)* and pinches off the flow. It creates a seal that stops the liquid from flowing out. Bottle companies claim they have no drip nipples, but we all know the truth, THEY STILL LEAK! This product is the answer and the only way to stop the dripping.

Best of all, we have increased the functionality of the product by attaching decorative straps with a clip so you can attach the Nipple Seal to your bags, strollers, or your seatback pockets of your vehicles.

We have designed this product to be safe for our children and as ‘GREEN’ as possible. Please read our BPA Free – Lead Free page for more information.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story. Enjoy!

Michael and Elizabeth

Bridger Baby, LLC  - Nipple Seal - Patent Pending