We are proud to say that the plastic we used to create this seal is BPA FREE. Even though evidence based reports are lacking regarding any 'danger' of BPA, we believe in being more 'safe' than 'sorry', so we choose to eliminate any BPA product from the nipple seal itself. 


Our Nipple Seal was colored and molded with materials that are LEAD FREE. Using local manufacturers has allowed us to monitor what materials are being used during the entire production process..


There are many types of plastic to choose from when manufacturing. We chose to use a plastic that was already FDA APPROVED. It is important to us to provide a product that is safe for our children and yours.


We are proud to announce that we have chosen a local plastic manufacturing facility to mold our Nipple Seal. We have kept the Nipple Seal production as "green" as possible. We made the decision to manufacture it here, in the United States, and as close to home as possible. The plastic Nipple Seal was manufactured locally in Vancouver, Washington. Just 15 minutes from our headquarters, in Portland, OR.  We chose to use local resources; a local plastics manufacturer, a local mold maker, and a local designer to aide in product development to produce the Nipple SealIn doing so, it prevented us from having to ship to and from overseas factories. We pride ourselves on assembling and manufacturing the Nipple Seal here in the United States of America. We know that using local resources is the key to "green" manufacturing. Most important, we believe in employing local workers and supporting local businesses.

Link to FDA website so you can read about BPA concerns (better safe then sorry)


Link to New York Times article so you can read about LEAD concerns.


Bridger Baby, LLC  - Nipple Seal - Patent Pending